Some of you may remember Dragonfly from a number of years ago. It was started by Dinesh Joseph in the back hallway percussion workshop at the Juilliard School in 2000. First there was just one solitary pair of Magic Flute sticks. Then Steve Weiss Music got wind of them and suddenly, there were many pairs, plus several other models in quick succession. Subsequently, at various and sporadic times there were bass drum sticks, tam-tam beaters, nipple gong beaters, glass wind chimes and other fun and exciting concert percussion paraphernalia. Dragonfly has floated in and out of existence over the last 10 years relative to the timing of orchestra auditions, house renovations and child rearing. Now, 14 years after its inception, Dragonfly is back and once again ready for business! The difference this time is Dinesh’s lovely wife, Jeannine, is in charge. This means, for the first time, there will be some semblance of organization and timeliness in receiving and filling orders, thanks to Jeannine’s finely-tuned business acumen and web-design wizardry. We hope you enjoy our products!