“I have been using Dragonfly sticks and mallets since Dinesh and I were students together. I continue to find many uses and applications for his glockenspiel mallets, tam-tam, and bass drum beaters. In addition, Dragonfly is the first place I turn when I need a beater or mallet that doesn’t yet exist on the market. Dinesh has a great ear for clarity, color, and articulation, and he continues to make some of the highest quality mallets out there.”Dan Bauch, assistant principal timpanist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

“Ever since Dragonfly started I have been enamoured with their consistency of quality and truly unique design.  The hands-on nature of what we do requires someone with a mind as innovative as Dinesh to improve upon the same mallets that the community has been using for years.”Jake Nissly, principal percussion, San Francisco Symphony

“Dragonfly consistently makes quality products that address issues that arise while playing in the orchestra. I use Dragonfly mallets regularly with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.”Joe Becker, principal percussion, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

“Dragonfly Percussion products are special because they truly come from a performers perspective. Each stick and mallet has been designed to give a percussionist the perfect sound for every situation we come across. “Jonathan Bisesi, Percussionist, The President's Own United States Marine Band

“Dragonfly Mallets offer unique options in sound. I’ve used the cymbal mallets in various situations including works by Debussy. Dragonfly Mallets offer a broad range of color, wonderful projection and beautiful sustain. A successful balance of weight and materials. I am equally impressed with their tam tam mallets. Very nice!”Pablo Rieppi, percussion, New York City Ballet Orchestra

“Dragonfly is a boutique mallet maker, filling the cracks left by other manufacturers with clever solutions to common problems in the repertoire. Few outfits have the flexibility to work with clients on their unique needs, and few do it better than Dinesh Joseph at Dragonfly.” Samuel Z. Solomon, The Boston Conservatory, Boston University, Line C3, Yesaroun Duo

“Dragonfly Percussion provides percussionists with countless colors that will help you expand your sound palate. I highly recommend the suspended cymbal sticks- from the stroke-free rolls of the soft model to the warm, full clarity of the hard model, these sticks will help you express yourself on any cymbal part.”Joel Panian, percussion, Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra